We believe that accountants don't earn enough and never is it more on show than tax planning season. 


Great strategies save clients thousands, de-risk their lives and help them manage cash flow yet so much of this advice is given away for free in avoidable "quick tax chats". 


This Tax Planning Season you can find new ways to impress your clients, automate your tax plan reports and standardise your advice to help more clients, all while de-risking your practice.

Join David Boyar (CEO) and Jack Kay (Head of Growth) from ChangeGPS to learn:

  • The difference between tax estimation and tax planning and why ESTIMATION ISN’T GOOD ENOUGH
  • The difference between a spreadsheet and a client facing scenario report that improves the chances of your advice being acted on
  • How to quantify the value of tax planning
  • The EXACT MARKETING PLAN to get more clients paying for tax planning
  • How to ENGAGE your clients in tax planning services.
  • “DE-RISKING” strategies for your practice with automated file notes, meeting agendas and ACTION items


Tax Planning Masterclass:

How to communicate your strategies so you get paid more

Monday 11 April 2022

1:00-2:00pm AEDT

Conditions for CPD points:

  • Members of CAANZ may claim this activity as CPD hours if personally satisfied it is professionally relevant and meets the CPD characteristics set out in regulation CR7 for CAANZ
  • CPA Australia members may record this activity in the CPD diary if the activity increased knowledge, skills or capability in relation to the members job role or career aspiration.
  • Members of the IPA are recommended to show their attendance at the webcast and enter it into their record of CPD activity.
  • Members of The Tax Institute can record this as structured CPD if it is relevant to their role.

Your Hosts

David Boyar

CEO, ChangeGPS

David joined ChangeGPS as GM of Growth and then CEO to drive the development of the industry after founding The Virtual CFO Association and co-hosting 'From the Trenches'—Australia's #2 iTunes business podcast. David's one of the youngest Fellow Chartered Accountants in Australia. He loves using accounting to help Aussie mums and dads so much that he did a TedX talk on it.

Jack Kay

Head of Growth, ChangeGPS

Jack joined ChangeGPS in 2021 and is passionate about helping accountants grow their practices.

We do legendary frontline accounting software.
You do what matters.

Software for the business of accounting.

Thousands of details that make a thriving practice run. Hundreds of tried and true templates for fast, easy and powerful client communications. The billing models and methods that unleash your profit potential.

Software for compliance and advisory.

All your expertise standardised, de-risked and pre-written as advice. Automated workpapers, reports, benchmarking, and up-to-the minute compliance. Software that makes monetising your advice a simple, profitable daily reality.


Bring your team.

CPD is best served in a group. Invite along your team and give them the confidence to have the important conversations with their clients.

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