5 hours of training that actually matters

Get the confidence to advise with the secrets of estate planning

Build your clients legacy

Celebrate your clients accomplishments with "bloodline" estate planning

Build your toolkit

Take Estate Planning back with tools, tactics and templates to reduce practice risk and give clients what they want

Day 1: Giving the Power Back to Accountants!

In this session, you'll find out how to:

  • Get paid for work that you are already doing
  • Play your part in the trillion-dollar generational wealth transfer over the next twenty years 
  • Offer estate planning as an extension of asset protection 
  • Ensure compliance within the legal requirements of your role 

We’ll offer a full Q&A session to ensure that we answer every question to give you the confidence to offer this service. 

Day 2: Secrets to Estate Planning - From an Accountant's Perspective

In this session, you'll find out:

  • The big estate planning concept that lawyers push but is not in your clients’ best interest 
  • How to eliminate the possibility of a family provision claim (a challenge to a will) 
  • How to keep your clients’ wealth in their family “bloodline”  
  • 5 Principles to traditional estate planning  

Bonus Content from Seamless SMSF: The top 5 things uncovered through audits.

Day 3: The 11 Key Asset Protection and Estate Planning Documents Accountant's Need to Use

In this session, you'll find out:

  • How to implement the leading member approach
  • Rules from the grave - The solution for will challenges and rock solid succession to give your clients certainty
  • The Business Structure, SMSF and Estate Planning documents to provide the foundation for your services

Bonus Content from QuickFee: How to finally access the same funding options as top tier firms.

Day 4: Revealed - The Asset Protection Strategies Used by

the Big Firms

In this session, you'll find out how to:

  • Establish a vault for your client wealth
  • Protect clients' home equity without incurring CGT or Stamp Duty
  • Offer Working Capital Protection with PPSR Security
  • Protect business assets and trademarks

Bonus Content from BGL: Director's Identification Number updates now in BGL CAS.

Day 5: How YOU can Own This Space - The Complete Service Model for your Practice

In this session, we will show you:

  • What your team needs to know and their roles
  • How to have the conversation with your clients' to demonstrate the value and urgency in having secure Estate Planning protection in place
  • How to price for these services - you should make as much as the big firms
  • How to get full legal protection and prepare documents with Lightyear Docs
  • Why doing this for yourself first will give you the confidence to roll this out to your clients

Bonus Content from ChangeGPS:  Estate Planning System VIP Access